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The creation and management of your electronic newsletter begins with TigerComm, but distribution happens using our campus ListServ service. We recommend that you watch the help video above by selecting the Help icon in the upper right of this page. But here are a few important links from the Office of Information Technology to assist you in getting started with distribution list creation and management:

Office of Information Technology frequently asked questions about ListServ list setup.

Mass mailing best practices and help with ListServ distribution lists.

Ask additional questions about setting up and managing ListServ lists via email.

WARNING! Do not distribute your newsletters using Exchange lists! Large amounts of traffic generated from our Exchange servers may result in other email solutions on the Web blocking email from princeton.edu as a result of taking this action. Once you are ready to distribute your newsletter(s), watch the video above and follow the links above to learn more about distribution of electronic newsletters using Princeton's ListServ service.